Ok. I admit it, I'm not always walking around with a camera, and sometimes I'm hard to catch via telephone. Although modern technology allows voice mail and email to follow me when I'm on the road; sometimes I travel off the grid too. (Do you see any cell towers in this shot?)

Whichever method you choose to leave a message, try and give me as much information as you can. If you like to talk to voice mail, please contact 540-358-0505. Please speak clearly and slowly.

If you like typing, you can use the form to the right. Please type clearly and slowly. (Just kidding)

If you're calling about a specific race, please make sure to give us the race name, and your bib number in the appropriate fields. Great information to leave us as well is the image number(s) about which you have questions.

If you're calling to schedule a portrait or discuss another project, please leave us as much information as possible. 

Note that we will not return calls with messages like: "Bob - 123-456-7890".  (Really? Would you?)




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