I'm Clueless

Been there. No Problem. We have a phone. (click on the Contact button above) Please call us – we’re happy to make you experts in about 2 minutes.

Fair warning though, we’re not L.L. Bean, and as such we’re sorry to report that we don’t have someone to take your call 24/7. If you need to leave a voice mail (we’re out in the boonies a lot around here), please speak slowly and clearly and leave a daytime phone number.

On the flip side, the person you talk to is more than likely one of the photographers who shot your picture, or printed your picture, or stuffed it into the envelope. The buck doesn't go very far around here.

If you’re confused on how to place an order with multiple images, please note there are brief instructions at the top of every page in the Shopping Cart. 

One last note - for the love of all that is Holy - PLEASE do not rely on e-mail as your only source of communication with our office. Including the emails we get from exiled third-world presidents wanting to reclaim their fortunes, we receive about 600-700 emails a day. I’m sure our spam filters will occasionally grab the wrong thing and blast it into oblivion; we don’t want that to be your only line of communication with us.

Event Graphics

Event graphics are printed on just about all of our products.

The graphics that you see on our Samples page, and when you drill down to your event photos through our website are samples of what will print on your final photos. (See exceptions below)

Most are customized for each event, complete with the event logo, date, etc. If you do not want the graphics printed on your photos, you must tell us in the Customer Instructions Box (it’s on the last page of checkout).

Digitally distributed products, do NOT contain graphics (some of the event logo’s cannot be distributed); By default, poster and large print products do not include graphics or logos – see the Samples page for a full description of what’s included on the larger print products. 

If you have questions on what the graphics will look like, or what they will or will not include, please call us before placing your order and we’ll direct you to a sample.

Return Policy

If you make a mistake when placing your order – Call us immediately, if we can fix it before it ships, we’ll credit/debit your credit card before we ship it and adjust your order total accordingly.

If you wait until after the order ships, you’ll have to repeat the order all over again.

If we make the mistake, we’ll reprint and ship your order at no charge.


Phone Orders

No problem. Call us – we’ll take your order over the phone with a VISA/MC number.

Credit Cards

We accept MasterCard and Visa only. We do not accept American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Sears & Roebuck, Old Navy, etc. Credit cards are charged when your online order is placed. Make sure you have your order correct when you hit the button. DO NOT SUBMIT ORDERS THAT YOU KNOW ARE INCORRECT.

Shipping Policies

Small print orders placed through our website are typically shipped in stay-flat envelopes or small boxes via First Class U.S. Mail (USPS). Please note that orders that are placed separately, are shipped separately.

Larger items, typically posters and custom framed artwork are shipped Priority Mail. Posters are rolled and shipped in USPS triangular tubes.

We have no control over the delivery time of these items once they leave our hands. Occasionally, the trusty USPS will bend something they are not supposed to, or in the process of shipping something gets destroyed. If that happens, please contact our office immediately and we’ll try shipping to an alternate address. (Such as a work address)

Shipping costs are calculated on the basis of the total amount of your order. Rates below are for USPS shipping only; if your order requires other shipping methods we will quote you a cost on an as needed basis.

We do not ship using third party FedEx, UPS, DHL account numbers as we are not stocked with these companies shipping supplies.

Order Total Shipping Charge $0.01 to $25.00 = $6.00 | $25.01 to $50.00 = $7.00 | $50.01 to $75.00 =  $10.00 | $75.01 to $99.99 = $13.00 | $100.00 to $149.99 = $16.00 | $150.00 or higher $19.00

Please note that the above costs are for shipping within the United States only. Our shopping cart will not allow outside-US orders, those must be placed via phone.

How long does it take?

We post process, print, package, and ship everything in-house, literally. Quality of your final product is pretty much top on the list around here.

As for how long does it take? Excellent question; the answer? It depends.

The majority of the time our normal procedure is to gather up orders once a week (typically on Monday), correct & print them on Tuesday, and ship them on Wednesday or Thursday. SO depending on what day you place your order and where you’re located, you could see your order in less than a week, or as much as 2 weeks.

NOW that being said, during our crazy seasons (usually Mid-Spring; and late Fall), we spend more time on the road traveling than we do in the office. So it could take up to 3 weeks to see your order. If we fall too far behind, we usually post a notice on the front page of this site. If you need something to meet a special date, such as a birthday or anniversary, please phone your order in, and we’ll do our best to ship it as quickly as possible. Comments in the Customer Instructions Box are not normally seen until we get ready to print, so anything in there about "I need it by ...." , will not be seen until it's too late.

If you want to make absolutely sure we haven’t forgotten about you, send us an e-mail or give us a call, and we can give you a personal update.

Custom Orders

Yep, we do ‘em. As a matter of fact, a lot of the products we sell started as custom work. If you see something in a magazine, or calendar, etc. that you might want to create for your athlete, call us & we’ll give you a quote.

Image Requests

If an individual athlete requires an image for external use (local newspaper articles about the athlete, corporate newsletters, personal or team websites, etc.) we ask that you purchase the image from our site; we will then extend personal usage rights for a one-time use.

The above policy does not apply to publications (printed or web-based) needing “stock” photos of an event or of a particular athlete. Usage rights for publications will be charged on a per-use basis, typically using image size and distribution volumes as guidelines.