Please note! The product samples shown below are for our Special Event customers only. Wedding & Portrait customers should contact us directly for additional information regarding their finished products.

Post-Event "Digital" Sales

In 2016, we experimented on selected triathlons with both pre- and post-event sales of all of your digital images for an event, for a ridiculously low price. (seriously folks, if you find this kinda deal anywhere else on the planet, just let me know). These 48 to 72 hour sales generated quite the buzz, so moving forward we're going to offer it to all of our triathlon customers. (note that this swingin' deal is only for triathlon events)

After each race, you'll receive an email from us notifying that your images are ready for purchase. The email also contains links to your coded photos. It will also tell you when the sale ends (important).

Please note: This deal ONLY OCCURS for about 48-72 hours after the race, after that our normal pricing structure resumes.

In House Framing


Beginning mid-season of 2017, we've changed our framing options to a quote-by-order basis.

So, if you'd like to have your print order framed - place your order as normal, then shoot us an email or give us a call with your framing specs. Good things to tell us are the frame material desired (wood, metal, etc.) single, or double mat, etc. Note that we use acrylic only as a glazing, as glass doesn't react well to the US postal service.

If you're trying to match a product we've already framed, feel free to send us a phone pic so we can match up our previous work.

The Clean & Simple

The new "Clean & Simple" Composite is an 8x10 and 11x14 product. As with many of our other products, this design was initially generated from a customer request who received one of our Photo Awards, which has a similar design.

The prints contains the athlete's spans across the top of their 3 images. The race distances and name/location of the event are placed on either side of the event logo. The event logo is typically left in it's original color if possible. (sometimes we have to change the colors to print on white media) This product does not contain finish and/or split times.

Images are color by default. If the customer desires a black and white conversion, please specify so in the Customer Instructions Box.

When you place your order for this product, pick your first image, and select the Clean & Simple, then on the last page of checkout, please tell us the other 2 image numbers in the Customer Instructions Box. 

Black and White Multi-Composite

This product is not so much as new, but has been redesigned to be more "frame-friendly".

Each black & white image is 5x7 inches, and does not contain text or graphics.

Each image is now spaced and sized to fit perfectly into the pre-made 10x20 "Collage Frames" that can be purchased at popular stores such as AC Moore, Hobby Lobby, etc. The most common manufacturer of these frames is

The final print is cut to size, to fit neatly behind the pre-cut mats in the above frames.  In the past, we have offered a 4, 5, and 6 print version of this product. These have been discontinued.

Signature Triathlon Composite

This is our flagship triathlon product, containing not only your swim, bike and run photos and total distances; but also your split and transition times.

The Signature Composite is a one piece graphic printed on premium lustre paper. The total size of this print is 8x10, the smaller internal photos are roughly 3 x 5.5 inches.

Each Composite is unique for each event, containing a representative screened background photo plus the official logo for the race.

Note that this product's design, text placement and layout may change from year to year, and may also shift from horizontal to vertical formats.

NOTE: When you place your order for this product, pick your first image, and select the Signature Triathlon Composite, then on the last page of checkout, please tell us the other 2 image numbers in the Customer Instructions Box.

The DoubleShot

This product is an 11x14 print (total size). Great for those who always hate their swim shot, or want to combine the best two images from different races.

This product does not contain race logo's, distances, etc. The name on the photo may also be turned off if so desired. However, by default the athlete's name is TURNED ON.

NOTE: When you place your order for this product, pick your first image, and select the DoubleShot, then on the last page of checkout, please tell us the other image number. Also, please tell us which image you'd like as the background, and which is the inset photo. 

Vertical Composite

This product is an 11x14 print (total size), with a lot of white space and 3 vertical image strips of your athlete. The color images are approximately 2.75" x 8.5" each.

The event logo (only) will dropped in a position similar to the sample shown. This product does not contain athlete names, dates, distances, etc.

Note that this product is shipped unframed, and is border-less. This product looks fantastic when framed with a color coordinated frame.

NOTE: When you place your order for this product, pick your first image, and select the Vertical Composite, then on the last page of checkout, please tell us the other 2 image numbers in the Customer Instructions Box.

The HardCore

This product is offered as an 11x14 or 16x20 (total size). The magic of this product lies in the significant amount of post-processing and digital painting done to the image itself. The final image exaggerates details and skin tones, and delivers an over-punch and vitality of color, giving it a "HardCore", gritty finish.

Please note that experience has shown us that this product produces dramatically different results based on the subjects skin tones (For example, it looks horrible on reckled people); so we do modify our post-processing to keep the hardcore "look"

This product does not contain race logo's, distances, athlete names, etc. Note that this product is shipped unframed, and is borderless.

"Graham Watson" Style Posters

This is an all-time favorite of our Cycling Customers, and is gaining popularity with Triathletes as well. This print was originally requested by a customer who was trying to match a Graham Watson poster he had on his office wall of Lance Armstrong - hence the name. For those that don't know, Graham Watson is an excellent cycling photographer who's fabulous Tour De France (and other cycling events) images appear in publications and walls worldwide.

This is an 18x24 (overall size) print with wide margins and graphics sized to match many of the Graham Watson styles. As mentioned above, it is not only limited to cycling, we have many triathletes place their run or swim photos in it as well. It comes standard with the subject's name and the event name/location.

Note that if you order this product for someone else, PLEASE tell us the person's name you wish printed on the poster!

Graham Watson Poster for Triathletes

Our cycling customers have long enjoyed adding their own "Graham Watson" style posters to their own walls. (For those that don't know, Graham Watson is an excellent cycling photographer who's fabulous Tour De France images appear in publications and walls worldwide.

Using a similar, clean black and white design - here's the Triathlete version.

The sample illustrates it's basic design. This is an 18x24 poster, the internal images are roughly 7" x 9.5". All images are converted to black and white. Text placement is fixed, although the text itself may be changed to the customer specifications. For example, the same individual's images for three different races. We may also alter this to be three different people, with their names at the top, or the same race with distances at the top, etc.

NOTE: When you place your order for this product, pick your first image, place it in the Shopping Cart for the GW Poster for Triathletes. Then on the last page of checkout, please tell us the other 2 image numbers in the Customer Instructions Box; if the other images are from different races, or of different athletes, please provide us with that information as well.

Single Image Prints (5x7, 8x10)

Single Image Prints are offered in 5x7 and 8x10 sizes. (Sorry, we do not offer printed 4x6's - for smaller print sizes, may we suggest the Single Hi-Resolution jpeg described below).

All of our single image prints for triathlons are custom cropped to the athlete, and designed as "Finisher's Certificates" complete with the athlete's name, race distances, logo's, and finish time. Cycling event graphics will typically contain the event logo only.

Note that graphics, logos, etc. will change from season to season; and may not be identical to the sample shown. Always check the graphic samples located in the Shopping Cart along with your thumbnail image.

Unless otherwise specified in your order (in the Customer Instructions Box) all images will be printed with the event graphics and details specific for the event.

Large Prints

Larger prints are a classic gift or memento for that special race. Our large prints are offered in two sizes: 18x24 and 24x36. As with all the rest of our products, these prints are printed in-house. We like sharp, vibrant big prints - so most will receive extra post-processing and retouching, to give them some added "punch".

Event logos or text are typically NOT included. (We are at the mercy of logo designers; and some pre-prepared event logos do not lend themselves to printing at such large sizes). If a customer has their heart set on having a logo included on the final print, please contact our office and place the order over the phone - we can determine with you whether it will work or not.

Prints of this size are shipped in triangular USPS priority mail tubes. Recipients should be aware that will not fit inside a mailbox, and are typically left at the door by the USPS carrier.

Digital Products (no shipping costs for these items)

"Digital" CD

Beginning in 2016, we will we email your images in a high resolution jpeg format directly to you. (We will no longer use DropBox to distribute these files, or provide RAW camera files)

Included are all of the images of YOU for a single event. They do not include any stock images that may appear on our website or other graphics; nor do they include the border graphics or logo's for the event.

We provide you with the same files we use in the office to produce prints, these image files are email in sRGB color space,  jpeg format and are typically around 2 MB in size. Most email systems allow a maximum of 25 MB for attachments. If you have more images than that, we'll break it up into multiple emails.

Please note, depending on the number of files we send, the wireless carrier data charges can add up. So, we do not recommend trying to download these over your mobile device (i.e. phone) Also, many mobile operating systems will not properly display a file this large - so we recommend downloading them to a computer first, then re-sizing them later for your phone. If you're unclear on how to do this, call our office and we'll walk you through the process.

Preparation of your files is not an "instant download", or immediate process, as we post process and prepare the files just like we were going to print from them - however, they are usually ready in about 48 hours if we are in the office.

Images are sent with a "personal release", allowing you to post them on social media, personal websites/blogs, and for local printing on your own. Commercial use of images is not allowed; if you're unsure of what "commercial use" is, call us - we'll evaluate your image use.

High Resolution Single Image

Single Digital Images are JPEG images that are color corrected and emailed directly to you. Most of the time, these images are 3-4 MB in size. It's the customer's responsibility to place the order with an email address that will accept files of this size. Emailing of Single Digital Images typically occurs within 24-48 hours of your order if we are in the office. Images are emailed with a very small copyright notice embedded on the photo.

Note that these files are post processed just like we were going to print them. You may take this file to your local printer, or to Wal-Mart, etc. to have prints made.

Please note: Digital images are provided for PERSONAL USE ONLY. All image copyrights remain with Joe Shrader Photography LLC. Purchase of the image does not grant any copyright transfer to the image. No other use of the image(s) is authorized and any other use is specifically prohibited without express written permission of Joe Shrader Photography LLC. Questions and/or requests for commercial use may be directed to our office.

The Digital Bundle

This product began as a  "science-experiment" in 2012 to determine it's popularity, it went over very well - so, we're going to keep it in the product line up for the future.

This product contains a digital 8x10 version of our most popular print product, the Signature Triathlon Composite. (for a complete description, see below) This is a one-piece "flattened" jpeg file, suitable for printing an 8x10 on your own printer, or taking to an off-site lab (such as Wal-Mart).

In addition, this bundle includes the "Single Digital Image" (again, see complete description below) of each image contained in the Composite. These single image files will not contain any graphics.

The digital composite and your 3 image files will be delivered to you via DropBox, ( which you may then download onto your computer.

This package is designed for those of you who don't keep anything in hard copy form, but like to store your images on your phone or iPad (or similar device); and subscribe to Facebook, or other social-media outlets for keeping your digital albums. Please note the Copyright Notice box at the bottom of this page.

All of our products are post-processed and printed in-house, keeping final print quality and product shipping where it should be – with the photographer.

As part of the services we provide to our events, we prepare custom graphics for each event that we shoot – to us, it’s just part of the “memento”, and helps you remember the experience when you pull our images out of your album in 10 or 20 years.