Over the past several decades, our photographic services have migrated from one discipline to another,; typically impacted by technology, economics, geographic location, and to put it simply - time.

In General ...

When introduced as a photographer, the most frequently asked question is: "Oh, do you shoot weddings?" I've never really understood this question, except for the fact that most everyone on the planet has been exposed at least once, if not several times, to a wedding photographer. 

So, before we go any further, and for the record - Yes. We shoot weddings.

 'Capturing a brief moment in time' hasn't changed much since the first fixed-image camera was developed in the early 1800's. However, the business of photography has performed leap-frogs and flip-flops all over itself - particularly since we abandoned film for digital technologies.

Having been a professional photographer for over 35 years, I won't bore you with all the wonderful (and some not-so-wonderful) subjects that I've pointed my cameras toward. I also won't try to impress by telling you all about the gear that I've accumulated over the years, and continues to accumulate in our office.

What I will tell you is, when all of the other the 'stuff', is boiled away - the remnants of what's left in our kettle is pretty basic:

  • We offer our a professional experience, to your personal and corporate photography needs. 
  • We offer old-school products, and new-school products, and a few products you've probably never seen.
  • We offer the ultimate customer service experience that you will ever find. Period.

It would bore you to tears if I prattled on about all the stuff we CAN do, or what we HAVE done; so I'm going to cut to the chase and give you a synopsis of what we're doing now ...

Special Events ...

Bird's Eye View, Inc and Tricycle Studios (our former business names) are most recognized for our work in Special Events.  A 'special event' is typified by shooting individuals or groups at a 'mass gathering'.  Such an example would include an athletic event like a triathlon, or a corporate event, such as a Mardi Gras ball. 

Inquiries regarding providing our onsite photo services are always welcome; however, note that our booking calendar typically lays out a year in advance for this type of work. So, if you have an event you'd like covered, please contact us as soon your event date is set.

Weddings ...


Weddings are 'special events' on steroids; mixed with high emotions, family, loud music, alcohol, etc. In short, they are a high-octane occasion that requires a photographer to be creative, organized, and energetic. 

Our style consists of a mix of old-school portraiture, and photojournalism which yields a product that will spark memories forever. Our products include bound books, prints, and several digital presentations.

Asking 'how much do you charge to shoot a wedding' is indeed a loaded question (kind of like asking how much does a car cost). As a frame of reference; the costs for a single photographer, local wedding lasting about 6 hours; including an edited set of watermarked, digital images, and bound wedding book begin at $1,895.

Engagement sessions are FREE if wedding services are booked at the same time.

Additional options include bridal portraits, or 'trash the dress' sessions, display prints, and other digital presentations.

Portraits ...


We define a 'portrait' as any time we work with smaller groups of people or individuals; whether they be family portraits in someone's back yard, or head shots inside a business location. 

Our staff can execute large group portraits, or one on one sessions for seniors and infants, and are more than comfortable bringing studio lighting into your home or office.

Our portrait sessions typically do not include 'timed sessions' or X number of outfit changes; although our time is valuable, we figure we can stand the session longer than our clients can :)

Pricing for portraits ultimately depends on the final product desired. A local portrait session, that includes a small, edited set of watermarked images, and a custom 11x14 print is $275.